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Ductless Air Conditioner Sales & Installation – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Ductless Air Conditioning MN For homes already heated with furnaces and air duct systems, central air conditioning is a fairly simple matter. With the installation of a split system central air conditioning compressor and condenser unit outdoors, and an evaporator coil installed in the air circulation system, the problem is solved. For other homes, however, the solution can be much more complicated, since many older homes use radiator heat or have no ductwork installed. For many years, such homes had to use noisy, bulky, inefficient window air conditioner units to cool just one or two rooms in the home. All that is history. Since the introduction of highly affordable LG ductless AC systems, Twin Cities Air Conditioner has installed these systems in homes throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul area, bringing comfort to homeowners and their families.

Ductless Air Conditioning MN With the introduction of ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems from manufacturers like LG, air conditioning in difficult to cool homes is much simpler and far more efficient. From a compact outdoor compressor and condenser unit, refrigerant is carried through easy-to-conceal hoses to compact, attractive combination evaporator and fan units inside the home. This eliminates the need for ductwork altogether. A single outdoor unit can supply one or more indoor units, depending on the LG ductless split system model you choose, providing air conditioned comfort extremely efficiently and quietly. At our Minneapolis air conditioning company, we specialize in LG ductless split system sales, installation and service for hard-to-cool homes and other buildings.

  • Ductless Air Conditioner Minneapolis MN Homes with Radiator Heating – Affordable, efficient air conditioning with LG ductless air conditioners and heat pumps provides high quality home comfort in any home that does not have the furnace and air duct system needed for central air conditioning. The cost of these systems is surprisingly low, and they can be installed quickly by our expert technicians.
  • Replace Window AC Units – Window-mounted air conditioners are very inefficient, noisy, and costly to operate. LG ductless split system air conditioners and heat pumps supplied and installed by our AC company are an ideal replacement for a single window air conditioning unit or multiple units. Almost silent, efficient ductless air conditioners from LG are the perfect replacement.
  • Air Conditioning & Heat for Outbuildings – For detached garages, workshops, studios and even room additions like seasonal porches, LG ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are an economical and efficient way to make those buildings cool and comfortable in the summer months and warm in chilly spring and fall weather. Get more use out of your outbuildings by having our Minneapolis heating and air conditioning company install a money saving, efficient LG ductless system now.

How Much Does LG Ductless Air Conditioning Cost?

Minnesota homeowners are surprised to learn how affordable LG ductless split system air conditioners and heat pumps can be. The exact price of a system for your home can only be determined after evaluating your needs and selection of a specific LG ductless system to match those needs. One call to our Minneapolis St. Paul heating and air conditioning company will bring an experienced heating and air conditioning specialist to your home for a free, no-obligation evaluation and cost estimate. The total initial cost will include the LG equipment and simple, fast, affordable installation. Due to the high efficiency of LG ductless split systems, you’ll also continue to save on energy costs over time.

Trusted LG Ductless Air Conditioning Specialists in Minneapolis St. Paul

If your home doesn’t have an air duct system or you’re still using money-wasting, noisy window air conditioners to cool your home, let the LG ductless air conditioning experts at Twin Cities Air Conditioner show you how affordable, efficient and attractive ductless air conditioning and heat pumps can revolutionize your home’s comfort level. At a cost that’s less than you’d expect, our Twin Cities Air Conditioner company can install a high-efficiency LG ductless air conditioning system in your home to cool just one room or every room in your house. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and let us show you how simple and economical an LG ductless air conditioning system for your home can be. We’ll give you all the details with no pressure and let you make the decision that’s best for you and your family.